high-T or low-T:: Man’s testosterone for the weight loss or gain

Testosterone is man’s steroid hormone from androgen group and it is principal male sex hormone.

according to the medicinenet.com, the normal range in males is about 270-1070ng/dl with an average level of 679 ng/dl. some researcher said, the healthiest man have testosterone levels between 400-600 ng/dl.

high or low-T: man’s testosterone for the weight loss or gain

testosterone vs age graph
source: elitemensguide.com

                                                       source: elitemensguide.com

the higher than average level of testosterone give some benefits , for example

– normalizes the blood pressure
– lower the obesity and heart attacks

But, there is also a drawbacks in higher than average level of testosterone, such as:

– Men tend to consume more alcoholic beverages
– Men are more likely to smoke
– Man are more likely to get injured, sexual, even criminal activity

It is important to keep testosterone levels in balance

A male’s highest testosterone level usually peaks at about age 20 , and then it decreases slowly with ages. it has been suggested that a 1% of decrease in testosterone level per year.

Usually, at the age of  60 and above, most of man getting a lower level of testosterone hormone than before. Low testosterone level may result in a decline in physical energy, strength, stamina and diminished mental aggressiveness.

So, what is your choice?

Balancing a testosterone is the key.
If you are 50s and have a same leve of 20s, you will not be stable.

This may cause stress on the individual and may result in some negative problems

Finding the good balance of testosterone is possible with your doctor , and talk to your Dr that you want to have testosterone level check.

Please watch these two videos, it will give you an answers. 

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally For Greater Muscle Growth
 6 Foods That Increase Testosterone

Conclusion:  balanced testosterone is key factor of weight loss

weight loss with Increasing metabolism- weight training, drinking tea, good sleeping, using standing desk

Fighting against gain weight Losing your weight – acupuncture in Lake Forest Ca

Hi my name is Daniel

I like to talk about my story of “How to lose my weight”(weight loss) effectively, without all the hassles .

I’m not a doctor, I’m 50 years old male who do regularly exercise and eat healthy food every day,  but as I’m getting older, my weight is slowly increasing and my waist line is getting bigger than of 4-5 years ago.

Do you know the reason? ( I found the facts/reason from many articles of health related websites)
It is all because of the metabolism rate. it is getting smaller and smaller as you get older.

The metabolism is one of the key factors for fighting against gain weight(weight loss). Do you remember when you are in teen age or 20s or even early 30s, you never get gain weight even if you eat a lot of food and doing not exercise much?  Right?

I like to keep same weight when I was in early 20s. (128 LB)
this is my goal.

When you are younger, your metabolism is high, so even if you don’t exercise, all the food that you eat will consumed for converting to the energy for your body. However, if you are over 40 years old or older,  the food energy will not be consumed 100% and it will remain in your body as a “fat” (you are getting weight)
Ok here is the way how to increase the metabolism in your body, and eventually you will lose weight.

1. weight training: your mussel is fat burning factory, even while you are sleeping they will burn your fat!. 
More mussel = more fat burning = increasing metabolism –> getting slimmer.  

Do it everyday! morning, afternoon, before you go to sleep do mild exercise.
once the mussel is activate, the mussel will burn your fat during sleeping!!! amazing!

But, you don’t have to be a body builder like him!
Oh, No, No,,,!!!
2. drinking green Tea (3-4 cups a day) : I will tell you my some secret recipe. 
My green tea recipe: Green tea+ Indian tea + cinnamon 
boil them together in 30 min. the cinnamon is one of the immune system boosting foods 
you can also put some cinnamon powder in your coffee too!
I personally like cinnamon stick and boil with tea.
(water 1 gallon, 1-2 cinnamon sticks, 1-2 tea spoon of Green tea, 1-2 tea spoon of Indian tea)
I recommend not to make too strong, I like mild/diluted tea

3. Sleep well ( at least 7-8 hours a day):  The reason why?  , if you don’t get a sleep enough, your appetite will increase dramatically, in other words, if you got enough sleep, you will not have much craving of the food. Yes, it is true according to my or other peoples’ experience. 

image from:disney.wikia.com

4. Use standing desk : how much calories can i burn by standing – Standing Desk

Now that doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up to about 50 calories an hour. If you stand for three hours a day for five days that’s around 750 calories burnt. Over the course of a year it would add up to about 30,000 extra calories, or around 8lb of fat.

image from: laserfiche.com and carpediemsystems.co.uk

image from :www.theimaginaryzebra.com

I’m using this standing desk for alost 6 month now, it is great , I’m not standing all day, I do sit for a while and standing most of time during my work. it help me a lot.