losing weight by digging a ground for pit of apple tree planting

This is my chicken manure , one of my favorite soil enriching fertilizer product,
even if it smells so strong…!


I bought 2 grape trees from home depot



this year, i want to plant this cherry tree in my garden



It requires a lot of energy to dig this much size of pit, during this work, my metabolism increased and my body fat is burnt, it is good weight loosing exercise

this is my Fuji apple tree



This is my Fig tree that i planted a week ago.(4/7/2016)



I made many holes on the card board bin to help the root grow out




After pouring the whole bag of chicken manure in the empty space of the ground, I put the regular soil on top of the manure. 
digging a big pit hole to plant my apple tree is also weight loss activity, i lose 1/2LB after this project.
it is full body moving exercise and you can losing weight in 30 minutes.


Article : losing weight by digging a ground for pit hole of apple tree planting

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