internet marketing plan seo traffic mobile web design in Oakland Richmond CA

Mobile Google Search is Rising – the Google Pubcon | mobile website web page

internet marketing plan seo traffic mobile web design in Oakland Richmond CA
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Google finally raised the hand of mobile search for the mainstream of search trends, which was experimentally conducted in decades.

The Google decide to separate between a Desktop Index version and Mobile index version in search result.

What does it mean for your business?  It means “huge.”  Perhaps; your business will get a broad impact on daily customer deals in every way.

The worst scenario, “no phone call” from the mobile users, especially young people now, then later in all ages according to the digital age is getting matured. This change, so called “the Pubcon.” that Google will be adding a new mobile index soon, and it will impact all business.

But, luckily the business owner who has an excellent mobile site with well SEO & keywords targeted website, their business will grow like a “big bag” and attract all the customer as a “black hole.”

We anticipate that almost 50% of small firms will be closed their business and medium or large size of companies will get more revenue in next or 2 years.

If you look at the market trends of online, such as eBay and Amazon, many many small online sellers are already gone. Only a few big company who can buy their merchandises at the lower price or factory price from China or India are dwelling well. The speed of change in online business will increase in 2017-2018 according to the “Google Pubcon.”

Therefore, I strongly recommend preparing the change so that you can survive the unprecedented environmental change in the digital internet market.

Here is my list:

1. make your website mobile friendly (you might need to change your site platform.)

2. Improve your website SEO with targeted keywords

3. Remove or avoid the heavy loading medias and make your site’s page load quickly.

4. Hire SEO specialist to monitor/improve your web page ranking over the next few months

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internet marketing plan seo traffic mobile web design in Oakland Richmond CA

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